Dental Implants

Dr. Hoffmann is pleased to provide dental implants to the Milwaukee patients of hisReplace missing teeth with dental implants Brookfield dentistry practice.


Dental implants are proving to be one of the most popular ways for patients to replace individual missing teeth. Longer lasting than traditional crowns, and more convenient than removable partial dentures, dental implants act and feel so much like real teeth that you might even forget that they are there.


Once you have decided that you want dental implants, Milwaukee-area dentist Edward Hoffmann, DDS, will implant a post into the bone of your jaw. After this has healed, he will take measurements for the replacement tooth. Several variables will be taken into consideration to ensure the correct fit, including size, shape, and even the color of your surrounding teeth. Dr. Hoffmann will make a mold of the area where the implant will go and send all the information to a dental lab, where your dental implant crown will be custom-created for you.


When the implant crown arrives, you will make one more trip to Dr. Hoffmann to have the new tooth fitted to its support post. Your dental implant will then be complete and ready for you to use.


To learn more about the dental implants offered through his Brookfield office, contact Edward Hoffmann DDS.